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95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent and 90 seconds is the average response time for text messages.
Yet, it's still one of the most underutilized channels for content.

With the infinite feed that is always updating on social media channels, text messages are the optimal tool for fast-growing creators and high-growth startups to create highly personalized, engaging, and interactive content that's akin to "a text from an old friend."

How does it work?

Start by creating an account and a new campaignImport the list of contacts you have or start brand newCraft a single or multi-day (recommended) content plan with videos, images, text, and GIFsShare your content via a unique URL and that's it!

What it's not...

❌ Just another SMS marketing platform

❌ A new way to spam your fans

❌ Creating another anxiety-inducing inbox of unread messages

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Dive into the old
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For 4 days, I'll be your friendly guide to show you why texting is cool again and why it's the most underutilized channel for creators to deliver their content.

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You'll receive a text at 11:00 AM EST every day, giving you a small glimpse of how text messaging is used today, how it got started, and what's next.

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